Fuel Management – is a valuable module within the software that is integral to both the fire crew and accounts department.
  • This provides a facility to effortlessly record fuel deliveries, transfers and sales.
  • The screen contains graphical gauges to provide a clear representation of stock levels.
  • An unlimited number of fuel types and locations can be updated when necessary.
  • There is an ability to record metre readings against fuel locations.
  • Staff will no longer be required to manually record the sales and log the stock of fuel as the system does this automatically.
  • This offers a simple method to adjust fuel during testing and record what has taken place.
  • User friendly on mobile devices so tablets/iPads can be used, providing a more practical service for the customer.
  • Customers can sign electronically on screen to confirm the sale, and a receipt can be emailed to the pilot, customer or both.
  • Fuel reports are available to assist in sales analysis.
Parking & Hangarage – allows an important component within the airfield to provide a service and generate additional revenue. 
  • Unlimited parking locations.
  • An available space in square metres to report against aircraft “footprint”.
  • Option to provide a flexible, recurring charge for hangarage and other parking charges.
  • Prices can be specifically arranged for various parking locations and based on particular aircraft criteria.
  • Automatic overnight parking charge for non-resident aircraft.
  • A parking screen is available to provide clear visual information on real time parking availability.
At the end of life for an aircraft, RedAtlas AMS gives you the option to Scrap, removing it from chargeable parking whilst keeping the full history