Goodwood Aerodrome

The Goodwood Aerodrome has used RedAtlas system for a number of years for the administration of aerodrome operations and our flying school.

The standard RedAtlas system is implemented with some bespoke changes to integrate into the wider Goodwood Group IT infrastructure and enterprise solutions. Recently we implemented an upgrade to the new web based RedAtlas system.

The unique environment of flying at Goodwood requires IT solutions for; air traffic information management, aerodrome and flying school operations management including trial lessons/flight experiences and event aircraft slot landing management. All of these items are included in the RedAtlas solution we operate and have been specifically developed where required to meet our operational needs.

Nevalee are a flexible team who deliver ongoing support and bespoke changes in order to meet our business needs. RedAtlas represents a good value solution that meets many of our IT needs.

Simon Beken - Aviation Sales and Commercial Manager, Chichester, West Sussex