Goodwood Aerodrome

Redhill Aerodrome has used RedAtlas, in various forms, for over fifteen years. The latest version, RedAtlas, has brought numerous improvements with the transition managed professionally and with the minimum of fuss.

The cloud-based version has brought the ability for remote working by the accounts and ATC administration departments. The number of reports available is impressive, however if there isn’t one that gives you exactly what you need the team at Nevalee are quick to oblige. The ability to view live account data and aircraft movements provides the opportunity to rectify errors before the monthly invoices are produced. Since we moved to RedAtlas the number of credit notes issued has reduced by 90%.

The live Arrival and Departure information published on our website has eliminated telephone calls from the flying clubs and private pilots to ATC asking for their take-off and landing times. RedAtlas is a powerful tool and the team at Nevalee are a pleasure to deal with.

Philip Wright - Aerodrome Manager, Redhill, Surrey